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Ottawa, ON


Counterpoint Music Therapy is a health and wellness clinic in Ottawa where music is used skilfully as a therapeutic stimulus to achieve primarily non-musical treatment goals. 

Landon Coleman


Landon Coleman MTA, is the music therapist at Counterpoint Music Therapy. Originally from Edmonton, AB, Coleman moved East in 2007. Since then he has received a Graduate Diploma in Music Therapy from Concordia University, received his accreditation with the Canadian Association of Music Therapy, and established himself in Ottawa. He has worked as a music therapist with children with ASD at a special school in Quebec, at a day-centre for adolescents and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, and currently works part-time with older populations who suffer from dementia and with Ottawa Hospice.

Musically, Coleman has experience of all kinds. From eight years of classical piano training, to a diploma in jazz performance on the double bass, to touring across Canada singing folk music, to writing and recording music for kids on the ukulele. He has also played in several ensembles of different styles, from rock to jazz to bluegrass to choral. Presently, Coleman sings at his parish (St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Shrine) on a weekly basis and is attempting to learn a good repertoire of Broadway hits from the '30s and '40s just for fun. Landon, his wife Lara Coleman, and their children William and Edith are based in Westboro.