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Ottawa, ON


Counterpoint Music Therapy is a health and wellness clinic in Ottawa where music is used skilfully as a therapeutic stimulus to achieve primarily non-musical treatment goals. 

Singing & Wellness

A Singing and Wellness Group is a weekly or bi-weekly forty five minute small group dedicated to:


  • fostering a sense of community, 
  • promoting physical and social well-being, 
  • nurturing a sense of personal agency in each group member, and 
  • creating a fun musical space to relive old memories and create new ones. 


Group members, sing, clap, move, joke, choose music, and interact with one another.

Unlike having an entertainer come in, a well-run Singing and Wellness Group gives group members control, which makes every group, and every session different. One group may be interested primarily in upbeat country music, while another group may prefer to sing hymns. One group may want to sing energetic songs to help them wake up in the morning, while another may have a few members who have suffered a recent loss, and who want to use the group to deal with those emotions. These groups can be a versatile tool in helping residents of a long-term care facility feel at healthy, happy, and at home.