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Ottawa, ON


Counterpoint Music Therapy is a health and wellness clinic in Ottawa where music is used skilfully as a therapeutic stimulus to achieve primarily non-musical treatment goals. 


At present, Counterpoint Music Therapy is serving children and adolescents aged 5 and up with most types of special needs (unfortunately, our current clinical space is located on the third floor and there is no elevator, therefore, clients must be ambulatory) . A typical experience at Counterpoint Music Therapy takes place in 12 week periods, including one assessment session and 11 weekly one-to-one sessions. 

A music therapy assessment is a tool used to get to know a child in order to set the goals which the weekly music interventions will be targeting. 

An intervention plan with long-term goals and shorter-term objectives will be established based on the results of the assessment session. 

After the child has completed an eleven week course of 45-minute individual music therapy sessions, a treatment summary will be shared with the care-giver to discuss the results and determine further action.

What to expect from the service at Counterpoint Music Therapy?

Counterpoint Music Therapy provides quality service, with a trained music therapist in a safe environment, at a convenient location:


  • Sessions that focus on the distinct strengths and needs of each child
  • High-quality aesthetic musical experiences
  • Clinical documentation tracking progress on each objective
  • Structured sessions in which children can feel secure
  • Full-size keyboard, nylon string-guitar, and a broad variety of percussion and wind instruments


  • Therapy space is calm, clean, well-maintained with a comfortable waiting room, in which care-givers can listen-in on sessions
  • Landon Coleman is an MTA (accreditation in progress) with a Vulnerable Sector Criminal Record Check, ethics training, experience in the field, and a professional demeanour


  • Counterpoint Music is open to making things work! Contact Landon to discuss how music therapy might benefit your child!
  • Sessions are open to typically developing siblings
  • Easy access from the 417 (via Island Park Exit)


For more information see our Fee Schedule.